About Us

Alltree is a local company in Orting, Washington that specializes in tree care.
Jeff has over 25 years of experience climbing trees professionally.
He is a fourth generation tree climber.
His great grandfather owned a telephone company and
first cleared trees, then set poles and hung wire.
Jeff still uses a pair of climbing spikes that
belonged to his grandfather.
He and his wife Leah own and manage the company.

We have an ISA Certified Arborist on staff.
His name is Mike Harrell.
Mike is a competition climber and a safety instructor.
He also teaches technical and
specialty climbing using ropes and rigging.

Wearing climbing spurs when pruning trees
opens wounds that allow insects and viruses a way
into the tree. We believe spikes or spurs should
be used only if the tree is being removed.
We're experts at spurless climbing.


Our Views On Trees

When we started we were mostly clearing trees for construction.
Over the years we've come to realize that trees are critically
important to our environment. Trees take carbon dioxide
from the air and produce oxygen. One large tree can
supply enough oxygen for a family of four.
Trees provide privacy screening, act as noise buffers
and provide shade and cooler temperatures on
hot days. They control erosion and even help filter water.
Some scientists think that global warming is due
partly to the deforestation around the planet.
We urge everyone to think twice before cutting down trees.
Can they be saved by pruning and tree care?
If you have to take down trees on your property for
construction or storm damage prevention, think about
planting some trees somewhere else on your
property to replace them. We can't live without them.

"Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction"

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