Tree Pruning For Storm Damage Prevention:
Balancing, Centering and Windsail Reduction

Trees growing in a natural environment have to compete
with other trees for their branches and leaves to get
into the sunlight so that photosynthesis can take place.
As they get older, some branches of the tree die as
others grow out above or below them. This dead
wood, along with the overgrowth around the middle,
adds a lot of extra weight and bulk to a tree.
When the wind blows all this acts like a sail and
the tree bends, sometimes to it's breaking point.
Careful pruning can thin out and reduce the mass
of the tree, making it safer in high winds.
Tree trimming also makes the tree look better
and trains the tree to grow naturally stronger.
A lot of storm damage can be prevented by
tending to your trees before the nasty weather hits.

Emergency Tree Service

If you have a tree that has been blown down by the wind
or have some other tree related emergency, give us a
call and we'll be there as quick as we can to help.

Tree Removal and Residential Logging

loading logs onto truck

There are many reasons why trees may need to be removed.
Some trees die from insect infestations or viral infections.
Others need to be removed to make way for construction or
because they pose a danger to people or property.
Whether it is one small tree, a whole building lot or
even a multi - acre tract for a new neighborhood,
we have the experts and equipment to get
the job done safely and efficiently.

Brush Clearing and Chipping


We can clear brush and undergrowth to
give your property a nice clean look.
We have heavy duty chippers that will
reduce huge piles of brush and branches
to small mounds of chips.

Cat Rescue

cat up a tree
Cat stuck up a tree? Our crew is specially trained to
safely rescue cats without hurting the cat, climber or tree.

Stump Grinding

stump grinder

Our stump grinders can allow you to plant a lawn,
vegetable or flower garden where you want.

Cabling Trees

Using steel cables for additional support can add
years to the life of a tree with double trunks or
trees with a high risk of splitting. This is a specialty
service that should only be done by a highly skilled
professional. Our certified arborist can help if you have
a tree that would benefit from this cabling procedure.

Fruit Tree Care

Our tree care experts can help train younger
fruit trees or help older, mature trees to maximize
their fruit production and harvest safety.

Landscaping And Tree Planting

Let our certified arborist help you plan and plant trees
on your property. Landscaping is a way to enhance it's beauty
and make your property more valuable. We can deliver and
spread bark and woodchips that will look good and help the
soil retain moisture, letting the root system get more water.

Ongoing Maintenance Care

We are happy to work with you once or every year
as your tree care experts. We appreciate your business!

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